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He Came Back to Iowa -- twice

George Albert Newell Britton (1866-1953)
was my great grandfather. 

George Britton, 1938

George, son of Robert Britton and Margaret Jane Anderson, was named after a popular minister of the area, Rev. Albert Newell, and in turn my father acquired the name of Newell from his grandfather, George.

George had 7 sisters and brothers; I knew the three youngest, all girls. Their father died in 1880; their widowed mother lived on until 1913, and was survived by all 8 of her children.

On New Year's Day, 1889,
George married Orel Pearl Williams, in New London, Iowa.

In the company of his Williams inlaws, G. A. Britton took his family to Texas in 1894. The Galveston hurricane and flood of September 7 and 8, 1900, was responsible for their return to Iowa. Two weeks after the disaster, they were able to leave by train, later sending two young men of the Williams family back to load any salvagable goods on to railroad boxcars for transport to Iowa.

In 1912, just a few weeks after the New Year's Day marriage of their daughter, Edna, in New London, Iowa, the local newspaper for that area announced: "Geo. Britton and family and Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeLong left Wednesday for Naylor, Mo., to make their future home. They leave a host of friends here who regret to see them leave, but who wish them all possible success in their new location." (March 6, 1912). Cotton was one of the crops in Ripley County, Missouri. They also kept a flock of chickens.

Upon retirement from their Missouri farm, George and Pearl returned to New London. A family portrait was made on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary.

The G. A. Britton Family, 1939
Left to right: Edgar, G. A., Edna, Pearl, Forest

Except for the years they lived in Texas and Naylor, Missouri, George and Pearl were residents of New London in Henry County, Iowa, up until the time of George's death; although he died in neighboring Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, 11 July 1953. Pearl died in New London almost 9 years later.

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